We are PolicyStreet

We named ourselves PolicyStreet because we want to be a part of your journey as you pass through critical junctures in your lives - be it your first smartphone, first car, first overseas trip, first mortgage, first start-up, first employee, saying “I Do”, becoming a parent.

Technology helps us to meet that commitment, but it is really the communal spirit within the team that makes us special. Insurance was first formed by a group of people, and we want to maintain that.

We are committed to help you obtain insurance for the people you love, for the things you cherish and the communities you belong to, in a simpler, easier and more affordable manner.

Meet the team

Yen Ming Lee
Xennial (Still Young),
MBA Holder,
Marketeer At Heart
Wilson Beh
Son, ex-Investment
Banker, Avid Reader
Winnie Chua
Music Aficionado
Azri Jamil
Husband, Geek,
Cat Lover
Soon-to-be Father,
SEO Magician,
Purveyor of Fine Things
Father of 3, Faithful,
Lim Yen Wern
Web Architect, Front End Explorer,
Badminton Kaki
Munirah Bahri
Foodie, Organized