Why is PolicyStreet the place
for Best Insurance in Malaysia?

All of us are value seekers - we want the best stuff for the least money spent. There are > 1,000 insurance products offered in Malaysia, but PolicyStreet handpicks the best-in-value insurance products from the market for you.

There are 7 key questions we ask ourselves before we decide on the insurance products we offer on our platform.


What is the inherent uniqueness of the product?

We ask ourselves – why is THIS product more superior than others? Are there any similar products in the market? Is this product as innovative as it can get?

Not every product is made perfect (just like us human beings ha!). Thus, we would also highlight to you the limitations of the product so that you are well aware of what you’re getting yourself into.


Would we buy the product ourselves?

If it is difficult for US to convince OURSELVES that this product works, it does not deserve a place on our platform. Simple as that.


Is the product easy to buy?

We feature online products, so that you can purchase a product with the use of a credit card/debit card, from the comfort of your own home/office. However, if you do need any further assistance, chat with us and we will assist you along the way!

Since we too want to protect groups and businesses (startups, student community, Meetup Groups, SMEs, associations, NGOs etc), reach out to us and we will assist in fulfilling your business insurance need!


What is the product claims process like?

We will only partner with insurers known for superior customer service and quick claims turnaround time and track record.

If we believe that the product’s claims process requires improvement, we would feedback to the insurers and find ways of making the process more intuitive for customers like you.


Is the product affordable?

Most of the products (cept Motor) offered on our platform are <RM50 per month. You don’t need to give up your Starbucks fix to get insurance!

Also, we give back what we earn to help you with your purchasing decision. Read more about the discounts and rebates here!


Do we really understand this product?

Insurance is a legal contract, however not all of us are experts in understanding legal mumbo-jumbo. Therefore, PolicyStreet spends painstaking hours demystifying insurance jargons so that our non-insurance peers can understand.

We will then get approval from insurers for the simplified words we used to describe the product on our platform. Be assured whatever we say is 100% vetted by the insurers themselves.


Do we know the products ourselves?

Every PolicyStreet team member goes through gruesome internal product briefings and fact-finding so that EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE of us know the products showcased on our platform by heart.

PolicyStreet has a HUGE mission of helping you get insurance protection in an informed manner. Let us know how we can take our curated marketplace to the next level here!

With <3,
The PolicyStreet Team